Deadmau5 latency issue tracking vocals in Ableton Live 9

Update: So it lands LATE in the track ONLY when monitoring through Ableton. (‘In’ or ‘Auto’ setting)
It lands CORRECT when monitoring is set to OFF aka using your audiocards ‘Direct Monitoring’. (That is: only if your audiocard is reporting it’s latency correctly) (You can use the Driver Error Compensation if it’s not, as described in the Ableton lesson)

I just tested it myself with a RME Fireface400: Cable going from an output to an input.
I was previously unaware that there is in fact hardware latency reporting going on in Ableton.
The waveform seems to line-up perfectly:

When it’s on ‘Auto’ or ‘In’ it will land in the track late by the amount you set your buffer size.
Ableton’s reasoning for this: It ‘assumes’ the player will compensate for the delay as it is being monitored.

I do still wonder why the mau5 has issues then tho.
Maybe because of latency introduced by his D.O.Tech MADI interfaces that don’t report to the RME HDSPe fx card he has.

Thank you for your time!

Original question:
Is this true? If you monitor through Ableton or even via the direct monitoring (aka zero latency monitoring) of an audio card (if it has the option) The audio still always lands ‘late’ on the recorded audio track?

Excerpt from the livestream: @ around 02:00:00
making music in Ableton Live

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