Cubase Workspaces for Dual Screens

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This time I have uploaded a video showing how I use the great feature of Cubase Workspaces to enhance a Dual Screen setup. This can also be used for Single screen setups to quickly change your view and improve your workflow.
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  • Yotis Gordios

    Hello! I've got a question! I use dual screens with cubase artist 9! I've set them,one above the other. Ussually when composing i have my sequencer on the bottom and mixer on top. My problem is that every time i open a project, the mixer is always behind the sequencer and not where it should be so, i need to mannually transfer the mixer on top every time. I tried to save it as a "worckspace" but it keeps the mixer behind the sequencer again. I used to have the screens side by side, with no problems! Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!!

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