Cubase Tutorial: Full song in 1 hour with Cubase tools

Cubase Tutorial: Make a Song in 1 hour with Cubase tools

Full song:

• Cut up a guitar loop and replayed it with Groove Agent SE
• Using Cubase drumloops from the Media Bay
• Programmed the bass with “Retrologue” initial patch
• Used Halion Sonic SE Trip to create an Arpeggiator
• Played “Padshop” for the Synth Pad
• Worked on a Retrologue patch for a Big Synth sound
• Took a Padshop sound with the Midi FX Arpache 5 for another Arpeggiator
• Imported some Vocal loops and time and pitch stretch them

• Mix and Premaster the song with Cubase effects/tools

I tried to make a song in Cubase and with Cubase own effects, tools, instruments, loop content within 1 hour.

I started with Importing a Guitar Loop from the MediaBay, I found a good one in the library Guitar Spheres (from Steinberg VST Sound Loop Sets). I had to go fast along the road, and therefore I used existing loops and existing patches to make it in time. The guitar loop was then cut in slices (through hitpoint detecting) and imported in Groove Agent SE on a new track for recording a new performance. In the EDM ToolBox I found good drum loops which I tried to map through the whole arrangement. The predefined midi drum loops where already processed in some way with audio plugins, so I could go quite fast with the beats&loops.

The bass sour is done from the Retrologue starting preset and I started with playing different rhythms and chords.

Halion Sonic SE Trip synth help me with putting a arpeggiator beneath some of the beats to improve the rhythm.

I want to have Padshop for the pads in the song, so I look for a patch which was warm and light!

Another synth was needed to strength some of the parts in the chorus, I found a nice Big Synth patch which was quite dominant, which I lated fixed in mixing!

I wanted to have another arpeggiator, so I used the Arpache as a MIDI FX on a padshop sound.

Then I had some vocal loops which I imported.

The mixing was quite straight forward, it was nice to use quite a bit of Cubase distortion plugins and even the Magneto plugin that is quite new in Cubase

The Master or premaster or light master or whatever we call it was done with a minor EQ, some stereo widening and maximising (limiting)

Enjoy it! DANKE!

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