Cubase External Instrument Connections

By popular demand, this video builds on the “External Instruments” video from last year. We take a close look at the MIDI and Audio connections required.

Message me if you’d like screen-shots of the VST connections, Device Set up and home-made “Connections Map” shown in the video!

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  • Donald Suite Music

    For 2 days I've been trying to use my ext synths.I could hear them but no audio out.Come to find out the volume was off in system preferences.I was going to send you a screen shot.There is no way to do this.send me your email address mine is

  • avviano

    Thanks for some great tips. Especially liked the one on colored patch cables. Just spent some time figuring out where all my black ones lead…

  • frank castle

    I use a couple of midi patch-bays like MOTU midi express for my multi timbral/multi channel external instruments. this way in Steinberg Cubase I assign a midi channel to each instrument/patch within the external instrument.  As in Korg, just remember to set up the instrument in performance mode.

  • Chenyu Fan

    I think I finally figured out what my issue(s) are. I've been reliant on everything traveling via USB and thinking the magic will just happen when I press a key on my midi controller. I'll send you an email with how my setup is currently connected that way you can see what I am doing, but yeah I think I finally get what I need to do.

  • Chenyu Fan

    Thanks for the shoutout and the video Walter! Yep, you pronounced my name correctly. I only got a chance to watch a small bit of it but will watch it again later in detail. I do have my TB3 hooked up right now to record audio directly and have it tempo sync with my project, but like you said, I am missing out on the midi part. My System 1m was suppose to arrive today but got rescheduled for tomorrow. Thank you again for your time and making this video.

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