Cubase – Exporting Stems & Sharing Recording Session

Here is how you prepare your Cubase recording session and share it with other musicians, recording studios etc..

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  • MsRatluk

    Well, is it necessary to switch all MIDI and VST tracks to audio before mixing? I had a strange problem that after converting to audio I heard more instruments in one track, more precisely, I could not smoke all along one track. Thank you in advance, sir.

  • Dan C

    Cubase 7 LE Elements: Can't render files, no Q-Link, no side-chaining and guess what? NO CHANNEL BATCH EXPORT. FFS…Good lord, Steinberg REALLY knows what to leave out in their student editions. So frustrated. I don't do it, but no wonder people pirate software.

  • Daniel Acevedo

    Great video. Question: when you export the sterms it exports them mono and stereo depending how they were recorded? I need to export my instruments sessions in mono and the vsts on stereo. Thanx

  • drummerguyron

    Thanks for this! Filled in a few questions I've been having. Off topic comment here. I'm a Cubase 8.5 user and Pro Tools 12 as well. But I'm getting close to switching to Pro Tools full time. Reason is.. I've been having major latency issues that only happen in Cubase. Pro Tools works fine. Have you experienced any latency issues?

  • James Cowan

    Hi Dave. I am so glad you showed this, I will be doing this type of thing in the future soon. Your channel is invaluable to me, as well as all your products. I have one quick comment on this in regards to rendering VST instruments that have built in effects, and or MIDI that lands on the very end of the selected event. In Cubase,  the render settings sometimes need a "tail" added so as not to cut off any audio. For example, a cymbal crash or some reverb or delay that trails past the ending of the selected event. I hope that makes sense, for I have failed to do that and the resulting file ended abruptly. Thanks again for all that you do. Cheers.

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