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  • Andy Jeigh

    Hi David! I re-watched this video and found something I can't figure out. I'm very new to mixing/operating DAWs, and I would be very grateful to know what Vnl is, and where else you used it in previous songs. fab<3

  • Andy Jeigh

    Hi David! I re-watched this video and found something I can't figure out. I'm very new to mixing/operating DAWs, and I would be very grateful to know what Vnl is, and where else you used it in previous songs. fab<3

  • Rich Student

    I know this is a old video but hot did you get the video up in the screen of the demo? What is that called and what do you use for video editing please?
    Thank you and I am a huge fan….

  • Micael Nobre

    I have Cubase Pro 9 and I'm very happy with many of its stock stuff. I also paid extra 10 euros for Padshop Pro (granular synth) to be able to upload my own samples into it for manipulation and it's amazing. Halion Sonic SE is pretty useful as well, surprisingly.

  • Mario Krušelj

    Awesome effort, David!

    Here's a quick production tip since you mentioned you didn't have a de-esser in the stock plugins. But you did – a de-esser is basically an EQ in front of a compressor, which heavily emphasizes the "s" frequencies that the compressor then tones down depending on how you set the ratio. Might as well use a multiband compressor to focus just on that particular "s" band of frequencies. Simples!

  • Pablo Aldana

    David thank you so much for Sharing the process of your work. I have a question though How do you make a sound to repeat it self many times? Sometimes is the piano or the guitar that has that repeating sound. It's like as you would have a sound bar and then you cut it in many pieces then when you play it sounds like the repeating effect… Like a loop. Hope you got what I'm trying to say 😀

  • ThoughtfulMusician

    This is probably a rookie mixing question, so I apologize up front if this is something I should know, but to all of the mixing guru's in these comments:

    I notice that when David's EQ window is open that he dials down in some areas far past the 'middle EQ line'. As I've been mixing my own stuff, I tend to boost the frequencies rather than take away from them (meaning I start at the line and raise the points). I am aware of 'low-cut' EQ for guitar, where the idea is to drop a good amount of the lower frequencies to make the higher more distinctive, but David's choices here have me puzzled. The Kick EQ window in particular is shocking to me because he boosts nothing at all and only lowers his frequencies with some being more drastic than others. He really kills the mids while striking the extreme highs. Would it be more beneficial to the mix impact to raise the deeper and higher low hz levels rather than lowering the frequencies around them?

    Is this a common approach to the mixing process, or is this simply what David has to do to make the drumset plug-in and recording interface sound 'good'? Should I start lowering my frequencies rather than raising them? Does this create a more natural equalization within the mix for the instruments?

    To clarify, I ask this because when I read up on 'EQ' mixing, especially in regards to making an instrument clearer in the mix, the general vibe I get is to boost the instrument to a specific hz range to make it more distinct, while raising levels to taste. But that doesn't seem to be working for me very well. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's just links to random articles.

  • wannabewrtr

    that's amazing! I will struggle to have the acustic set slip into it different components (SD, KD, HH, TOM) and then I'll try to play around with them. Also the electric and acustic drum combo was really inspiring! tnks!

  • notsoflexibleflyer

    Coming from an old fart who's gotten board with most everything done, I have to say what sets your music and production so apart from the rest of the world is first of all, the way you use your harmonies, rhythm, and space. But you having the courage to being able to share these production details is quite a gift to the public. I have a lot of respect for you bud and wish you years of success and perseverance without burnout. Keep up the inspirations!

  • BackboneNF

    You did an amazing job!
    Making Music for so long but this is hat´s off!
     Great Music!

    I never thought that such great music could be made with stock plugins.

    Now there is no excuse , everyone who learns to go with limited tools just can concentrate on the main aspects.

    Best music howto for beginners!

  • Tom Vom Ton

    Is there a PlugIn in it that makes me not feel like an idiot when i wear headphone over my hoody ? I just wanna look professional like you guys. Good that human cannot really hear above 1k. Or Waves should make a hoody PlugIn so we never had to choose sound over fashion. Justin does it, so i do.

  • Ben Daniel

    That was a wonderfully informative video. One question, though: Would you be up to doing a second video to cover "Melancholia"?? I would love to get even a quick look at your automation and gating for your 'glitch' effects (I'm assuming you're using sidechain gating?).

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