Cubase 9.5 Tutorial- Enabling, Disabling and Hiding Tracks

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to enable, disable and hide tracks in Cubase 9.5. Learning these simple tips and tricks has the potential to greatly improve your workflow. So, watch carefully.

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  • Nick Olman

    I love this feature in Cubase! Not sure I could even load my template without it. I have found some oddities though. If I have linked mixer channels, sometimes they don't come back linked to the right place. I've also found that my quick control links stop working. The control names appear in the panel, but the connection is broken. I found other options thankfully, but man I lost a ton of time reworking that stuff. Have you come across anything like this?

  • Real Music 4 you

    Thanks, This tip is also good on all track types, Even recorded vocal and Instrumental tracks, You can also use this method to create tracks with just various Insert chains to audition recorded tracks to see which chain is best. Just drag the audio and or midi to the blank Track that just has you favorite inserts on it. Very Useful. Thanks for sharing.

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