Cubase 6 105: Working With Audio – 16 When and How to use Crossfades

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Cubase 6 105: Working With Audio by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
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Recording and editing audio is complex. There are so many details you need to know to do it right! This course, Working With Audio, is led by Matt Hepworth one of Steinberg North America’s Product Specialists. Matt begins with an exploration of the digital recording process. He covers setting levels, and monitoring. He explains the different techniques needed to record both mic and line audio. Next Matt explains the different recording techniques like cycle, comping and punch and how these are implemented in Cubase 6.

What about editing? Well, its all here. Matt explains Cubases non destructive editing. He shows you how to use the fade handles and how and when to use crossfades. Theres a section on using Vari-Audio for pitch correction and another about editing with folders and even how to turn audio into MIDI!

But thats just the beginning. This tutorial is filled with all kinds of cools videos that explore some of Cubase 6s deepest audio secrets. So if youre looking to learn about audio in Cubase 6 then hit the play button and let Matt Hepworth teach you to be an audio expert in Cubase 6!
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