Cubase 6 104: Working With MIDI – 36 Converting MIDI and Instrument Tracks to Audio Tracks

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Cubase 6 104: Working With MIDI by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
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Cubase 6s MIDI capabilities are off the charts! If you can do it with MIDI you can do it IN Cubase. Matthew Loel T. Hepworth is Cubases North American Product Specialist and we at are proud to have him in the Cubase drivers seat to teach you all about how Cubase handles MIDI.

In this 51-video MIDI expos, Matt will turn you into a MIDI Jedi! First youll learn all about controlling your virtual and hardware synths. Then hes off to a massive section on recording and editing MIDI events and tracks. Youll master the Drum and Score editors and get an insiders look at quantizing, creating grooves and freezing Instrument tracks.

Next comes MIDI Instrument Operations: Cubase can manipulate MIDI in countless ways and Matt shows you how to harness the power of these Operations to make editing your tracks fast, efficient and musical!

But wait… theres more! Matt explodes this tutorial right into virtual instrument heaven with a 3-part incredible in-depth tutorials-within-a tutorial encore performance on Cubases awesome HALion Sonic VST Instrument, the groovy Groove Agent One VST Instrument and the magnificent LoopMash2 VST Instrument. Whew! This amazing MIDI tutorial is actually four tutorials in one!

So if you want to be a Cubase MIDI master and, at the same time, get a deep look at Cubases VSTs, watch this killer tutorial by Matt Loel T. Hepworth now!
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