Cubase 5 401: Mastering in Cubase – 05 Remastering Comparison

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Cubase 5 401: Mastering in Cubase by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
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macProVideo is excited to bring another great mastering tutorial to our growing library! Weve explored mastering in Protools and Logic and now were focusing our mastering spotlight on our growing family of Cubase musicians and engineers.

Mastering is equal parts art and science; Its a crossroads where technology and creativity merge together to form an audio super highway. And who would be better to be in the drivers seat than our favorite Cubase expert, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth!

In this 4 hour mastering exploration Matt guides us through all the concepts, terminology, tools and techniques that the mastering musician/engineer must master no matter what software or hardware they use. On our way we learn about combating and conducting the loudness wars, utilizing the mastering plugins including compressors, mulitband compressors, EQs. limiters, maximizers and the infamous Apogee UV 22 HR, and the ways master for different musical genres.

Thats the science. What about the art? Well that is where this amazing tutorial really shines. Matt shows and tells his philosophy on mastering. You will see and hear how he approaches making music sound and feel better. And by witnessing Matts thought processes, and applying what youve learned, you will be able to approach your music with a new understanding of how you want it to sound and how to accomplish your mastering goals.

Whether youre a Live, Logic, Protools or CUBASE user, this awesome mastering tutorial by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth will help you make your music, louder, feel better and stand apart from the pack. Enjoy!
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