Compression/compressors explained. Cubase & Logic

Hi all, this is a video that explains the basic theory and controls of a compressor. This is done in Cubase but all compressors are the same so it is transferable into Logic Pro.

This is a intermediate level video with instructions how to load samples and create samples in Logic Pro 9

Hi all this is an educational channel for students at Halesowen College (UK). The channel will gradually fill up with tutorial videos for mainly Logic Pro and some other pro audio software. Please make requests for tutorial videos…but priority will be given to my students. Please also feel free to use the videos for your own purpose, I would would be grateful if I am accredited.

I have also taken information or ideas from other Logic Pro tutorials and where I have done so I have accredited this to the relevant user, this is just simply a channel to help the up and coming producers of today with everything in one place!


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