Club Cubase Google Hangout November 2016

Learn tips and tricks on Steinberg software and hardware solutions and get your questions answered in a live interactive session. The meeting will be archived for viewing afterwards. Please feel free to submit your questions in advance to

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  • OxygenBeats

    1:15:20 The reason he couldn't render the part in place was because cubase doesn't let you render in place any parts on tracks that are muted. And the track was muted while activating some of the additional outputs for some reason.


    Awesome as ever! Love this! I have 2 question though. At 1:26:23 you see the channel setting with the round knobs. Mine are sliders but used to be knobs too. How do I change that back and what did I do in the first place (secret button?) And when you discussed midi at 1:45:00 a question came to mind. Why doesn't midi get saved in the pool like audio files. I often record drums (midi) via my e-drums, delete a part, drum another and than it's hard to get the previous part back. Is there a way to add midi to the pool? Thanks and looking forward to the December episode! Greetings from The Netherlands!

  • Jon Aiken

    From Cincinnati. Would I be better served to hook my Yamaha M08 directly via midi out to midi in on my Mac? I have never been able to figure out how to access my M08's library in Cubase.

  • 60s Pop Man

    Club Cubase Google Hangout November 2016 Index
    Longest session to date.

    Participants from: The Netherlands, Poland, Lativa, Germany (Berlin), Russia, Norway, England (Newcastle), UK, Ireland (Dublin), Indonesia, Senegal, India, Ecuador, Israel, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Beruit, Italy, Argentina, Macedonia, Romania, US (Detroit, Atlanta, Connecticut, Florida: Miami, Sacremento, LA),

    0:04:15 What software is used for the Google Hangout screencast?
    0:10:40 Why can’t Cubase 7 run on Mac OSX Sierra?
    0:11:15 Use Kontakt Player with Cubase 7.5 and related versions?
    0:11:45 Trial version plug-ins work for a month. Plug-ins that are part of Cubase are unlimited use
    0:12:30 The Google Hangout wont be held a day or two before something new is released whenever that is
    0:13:00 Getting started
    0:13:15 Workflow to adjust velocity?
    0:16:18 How to sync a track tempo to exactly one half of the project tempo?
    0:20:20 If all songs by a band have the same levels and effects, how to apply them to the next song they record? (Save selected channels)
    0:23:50 Adjust threshold of the noise gate/Strip Silence
    0:26:20 Why is Greg Ondo using Windows 7?
    0:26:50 Quantize presets for MIDI
    0:29:50 Large templates
    0:33:30 Best strategy to backup Cubase and settings?
    0:35:28 Improving laptop performance
    0:38:18 VST Rack vs Track Instruments
    0:43:08 Best way to edit controller data to be compressed within a given range
    0:46:00 Best way to create harmonies
    0:50:15 Is the workflow different in Nuendo?
    0:50:35 Can we have a global purge button for instruments? (It’s available in HALion and the Grand)
    0:52:30 Program control in Cubase Pro 8.5 and then send that mapping to an external MIDI control surface?
    0:58:15 Is it possible to set folders in Quanitize presets?
    0:59:45 Micro tuning
    1:05:08 Write MIDI volume to multiple tracks
    1:06:40 Color-code the entire length of the track in the mixer
    1:08:18 Can I use one activation code on two PCs?
    1:09:35 Quantizing modulation or filter data that is synced to time tempo
    1:14:00 How to only render in place a selected MIDI track from a multiple out VSTi
    1:17:49 Render based on pitch?
    1:19:50 How to apply scale colors?
    1:21:15 How to adjust several vocal tracks start and end times?
    1:24:06 Tune non-vocal harmony parts?
    1:28:15 Saving instrument track with effects as a preset
    1:30:15 Is there a way to duplicate a track without data skipping using macros?
    1:30:48 Is it possible to merge the VST instrument MIDI and audio? (Layer instruments?)
    1:32:48 Is it possible to how to beat match two songs with different BPM?
    1:36:45 When will the the next Cubase 8.5 update be released?
    1:37:15 Why isn’t there presets for quantize modulation data and controllers to sync to song tempo?
    1:37:40 Presets on audio channels – creating and locating folders
    1:39:30 Will Quick Controls map to Machine 2 pads to operate HALion pads?
    1:40:00 Cubase 8 batch export
    1:41:50 How to change master tuning in Cubase?
    1:43:18 Difference between track presets and track archives
    1:44:05 Retrospective recording MIDI
    1:46:05 Can Cubase identify a chord in a wave file?
    1:46:35 Automation points at the beginning and end of a selection?
    1:51:20 Why does my MIDI controller stop triggering after closing Cubase and then restarting?
    1:53:12 Groove Agent start/end sample points
    1:53:40 How to provide a 4 cue when punching in without a BPM, like a theater piece?
    1:56:30 How to set up pick up notes before the left locator?
    1:58:07 Resizing lanes and soloing
    2:00:33 Saving templates-not seeing previously saved templates
    2:01:30 Resizing lanes and soloing revisited
    2:03:35 Chord tracks and track versions
    2:09:18 Creating a template from a project-How to stop Cubase looking for the audio files?
    2:11:00 HSO cpu efficiency strategies- multiple instruments tracks or one VST rack?
    2:12:40 Exporting Groove Agent 4 stem files while retaining the GA4 mixer effects, and other GA4 questions
    2:20:08 Metronome not playing
    2:21:20 Changing VSTi presets with MIDI controller?
    2:21:48 What is the function of the Control Room?
    2:25:55 Macros are a mystery (Also 2:33:10)
    2:28:52 Way to make chord pads play one or two notes in a scale?
    2:33:10 Show Macros function
    2:34:00 Hypnotic Dance
    2:35:38 Alt + E on the mixer?
    2:36:16 Is there a way to move audio files by ticks?
    2:39:03 Erasing things- preference setting
    2:39:43 MIDI Activity Light and controller active sensing information
    2:40:27 Resize global track height
    2:41:43 Playback from a specific section?
    2:44:30 Import mono files into stereo tracks?
    2:45:38 Easy way to move all saved Groove Agent kits to another computer?
    2:49:00 ADSR in Retrologue?
    2:50:00 Play a Cubase project created on a Mac on a PC? Vice versa?
    2:50:30 Does it improve sound quality to render at higher sample rates?
    2:51:16 How to make a stereo track mono when rendering in place?
    2:54:54 Is the pan range representing 100% of 180º ?
    2:55:50 Way to make the input channels visible in the mixer as in Cubase 6.5?
    2:57:00 Mackie MC Pro
    2:58:35 Third party plug-ins, plug-in paths, etc (Plug-in Manager)
    3:00:50 How to add more drums in Beat Designer?
    3:03:10 How to save events in one project to a new project?
    3:05:25 Difference between VST2 and VST3?
    3:06:45 Use soundfonts in Cubase 8.5?
    3:07:30 Stereo to mono from Maschine- Batch export
    3:08:05 Can various instruments be named in the Inspector?
    3:08:38 Suggestion to Steinberg for Cubase 9
    3:09:25 How does Rewire work with Reason?
    3:09:35 Groove Agent- Remap the names for Maschine compatibility
    3:10:09 What are the selling points of HALion 5 vs. Kontakt?
    3:10:55 Wrap up

    Cumulative Index

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