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  • Junketz

    I think this only works in Cubase Pro. Because I'm using Cubase 8Ai and after I create the bus like you do, and even route a track to "out" that bus, it does not show up in my input selection option when I try to tie it in to my new track. I've checked for preference settings, device settings, re-inserting tracks, new projects, control panel change and repair, reading the manual lol, and nothing. The busses I create do not show up in the input section, neither before or after routing a track out. (the bus will show up in the OUT section but not the IN ???) I must be missing something?

  • Geoff Drummond

    Thanks for this – as a long time Cubase user, I was often confused about setting up mix busses described for Pro Tools. This will still take some translation (I'm a slow learner!) but now I have a place to start.

  • Beau Bonetti

    I'm coming from a Pro Tools background as well, so I know where you're coming from with setting up busses. For convenience though, try selecting multiple tracks in the mixer window (one's you'd like to bus together, or just one), right click on one of them, and select "Add group channel to selected channels". It will give you some options to select, but then it will automatically route them all to a new bus (with a fader though). I really like how you did it (using the output pane of VST connections, I'm surprised it worked, it's a lot like Pro Tools' IO window.

  • Jay Moye

    This was mainly a lead in to printing midi drums to audio tracks which I covered in my second video. Like I said in my video I have been a long time pro tools user and had a big learning curve migrating to Cubase. This video is just a basic for beginners, there are way more technical videos out there that confuse a lot of newbies. Thanks for commenting.


  • themaster

    hi. do you just show us the way busses work, or is this the way you print tracks ?

    because there is an much easier way and faster way to print tracks (audio/audioinstrument)
    by using the render in place funktion in cubase 8.5.

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