Beginners Ableton Tutorials – Online Ableton Live Music Production Course

Ableton Live tutorials to suit beginner to advanced levels with ‘bespoke private critiques’ on YOUR music by our world-class instructors from Garnish. See all videos in this playlist:

Hi, I’m Jake and I’ll show you how to produce quality electronic music in your style. I did it all on Ableton and I’m going to walk you through every step as you produce your own masterpiece in the most efficient and effective way throughout this innovative one-to-one online electronic music production course. I can’t wait for you to experience that amazing feeling that is unique to the music making process.

Each unit has 10 lessons accompanying Ableton sessions, learning aids, a task and a BPC. BPC stands for Bespoke Private Critique. For each BPC, you can upload a completed task and project file that I’ll review and reply to with a Bespoke Private Video Critique of your work and your progress. And I’ll also answer any questions you have which you can attach in a text box. When I’m done, I’ll email you a private link so only you will be able to see my video response.

Our BPCs make our online courses the closest thing to actually going to a physically place to learn. And some would say, even better, as they are completely flexible.

You still get to ask all of your questions but when you’re ready to ask them, not when you’re scheduled to in a physical location or in a chatroom. As there’s no time limitations, there’s no pressure to move on until you’re ready…
EDM composition in Ableton Live

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