bcf2000 in cubase pt1 set up.mp4

A useless manual and a slow dial-up connection is a terrible combination when you are trying to get some new hardware going. I got my bcf2000 just after christmas and have been trying for the last few weeks to get it to work.It was for this reason I have put together this idiots guide.
I apologise for showing even the most basic things, but I myself was grateful that some of the material I saw here and elsewhere assumed no prior knowledge. As someone who would rather be writing music rather than learning the mysteries of sysex or hexadecimal I realised there could well be others in a similar position. The bcf2000 is a wonderful addition to the studio enabling faster and more natural control, so I feel this pilgrimage for knowledge has been worthwhile, although not over yet by any means! My thanks particularly to dancetech, sonic academy and bladez for their video tutorial help

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