Bangin’ Jazz Flip by Felly on the Maschine (16 years old)

My neck hurt after this one. Try to listen with headphones or speakers because the majority of this beat is sub bass, which can’t be heard on a laptop.

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Found this obscure spanish sample called “Mexicaine” and put my flip on it. I first put my own drums on it and it seemed too simple so I messed around a little bit and found some orchestral maschine drums that gave it a lively feel. I’ve been liking my beats real slow lately, like 70-80 bpm, I don’t know why but that’s what I like to rap to.

My bad for not putting out as many videos lately. I’ve been real busy with school and whatnot but I’ll have some new shit out soon. I’m probably gonna release some tracks with some of the verses that I’ve put up on youtube already, maybe film a legit video or something. Stay up for that

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