August 10 2017 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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  • Planitia Music

    — Index 10 Aug 2017 —

    13:02 – Is there a solution to 32-bit plugins?
    15:23 – Will Absolute 2 work well in Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro.
    16:15 – When an i add a sampler track it always goes to the bottom of the project and i am tired of scrolling down.
    18:21 – Question regarding Q&A with automation bump.
    22:14 – How to play a Midi File.
    22:25 – Shared clip processing. ( Re-enable dialog box )
    29:43 – Is the a way to Hot-Swap audio samples for example wehn i dropped the samples onto the arranger zone but i do not like the samples i have to delete and and place all the samples in manual.
    31:39 – I am getting a strange noise in Cubase , it seems the it is caused by compressor plugins, even with audio stopped. Without the plugins the noise is gone.
    34:10 – If i get something from Media Bay imported directly to Groove Agent SE4, how can i make sure the sample is saved into the audio folder and the audio folder withing the project folder
    37:35 – How to setup Headphone mixes for musicians. ( More Me headphone Mix )
    45:35 – How can you set up to navigate left and right using your keyboard.
    47:25 – Explain how to use beat detection. Quantize the audio that wasn't recorder to a click. I have seen one in previous videos but for tune that have multiple time signatures tempo changes.
    55:37 – Singal Path or Singal Flow.
    59:40 – Are seven and eight inserts still post-fader.
    1:00:17 – Rename tracks without using the TAB key.
    1:08:31 – How is it possible to save and recall an entire channel setting E , for example volume and sends included.
    1:13:03 – Recording audio Tips & Tricks.
    1:17:40 – You?
    1:17:51 – Crossfades with Comping Tool
    1:20:37 – I had to bounce like 13 stems that were in group tracks , i set the export and i checked off real-time it ended up messing up and dublicating the 1st group and over and over and i have to do real-time bounce for each group one by one. Did i do something wrong?
    1:24:23 – How to render using Nuendo.
    1:32:33 – Preformance at Cubase 8.5 is better than Cubase 9 in Sierra.
    1:33:03 – What plugins are in Cubase that are important for mastering.
    1:34:39 – What is the Live Mode for.
    1:37:37 – If an entire track has been deleted is it stored in memory.
    1:39:09 – Normalize tracks to the same level.
    1:43:08 – Is it possible to multi out B-Box in Halion 6.
    1:45:35 – Can you go through all of your preferences that. ( Question directly to Greg )
    1:48:56 – Pan Law.
    1:50:58 – How to manipulate track volume fast.
    1:51:50 – Is there a Groove Agent 5 in the works and development.
    1:54:12 – I have 105 minuted of music and i want to take all my kick drums that where on beats 1 & 3 and fix it to velocity of 120 but randomize the velocity of all the other Kick Drums.
    2:00:10 – Soloing the Sends.
    2:02:36*Wavelab* Zoom.
    2:05:35 – Is it possible to create audio for VR in Cubase, Virtual Reality if you are not familiar with it
    —-2:06:33 – Bypassing all the inserts and EQs on the mixer at once.
    2:08:22 – UR28M Recording the audio track without latency.
    2:09:08 – Have Cubase automatically show all 8 insert slots.
    2:11:35 – How can you control the master fader in Cubase from the …… mixer. ( i am sorry i didn't get that )
    2:13:11 – UR44 can the reverb be turned off on unit at inputs 5 & 6.
    2:15:50 – When to use a VCA fader & when not to use a VCA fader.
    2:22:21 – Is there a hotkey to change the Grid Type between bat beat and quantize.
    2:23:40 – When i use more than 20 midi tracks at the same time in a project Cubase 9 crashes and i have to restart the machine again is there a solution. I am using an i5 Mac.
    2:25:36 – VST instrument section at the right side seems useless. Could you point a few reasons why it's there while we have instrument tracks.
    2:28:13 – How can i unhide tracks.
    2:29:23 – Can you render selected group channels to a bunch of stereo tracks.
    2:31:15 – Is there a way to open up the lower window without covering up the track list.
    2:32:25 – Is it possible to us Waves Plugins in dual mono mode to independent instances one on L and on R.
    2:34:56 – Wavelab Hangouts discussion.
    2:36:01 – Building a new system, funds are limited . Will 256 gigs of space be enough?
    2:37:01 – If you have a Batch Export then the volume automation of plugins added directly to the wave inside the project will reflect in the export.
    2:37:41 – Question about using Eastern Scales on for the chord pads.
    2:39:44 – Midi-Controller Lanes.
    2:40:56 – Quick Controls.
    2:44:07 – GM drum maps are still confusing that you may have to manually align different GM maps to particular instruments in Groove Agent.
    2:46:08 – XML regarding question.
    2:50:09 – AKAI controller mapping that for transport controls
    2:51:15 – Working with Video
    2:53:27 – Generic Remote create a slider for Zoom in & Zoom Out.
    2:55:18 – Can we have more than one quantize pattern per track.
    2:56:12 – Tape Machine Style monitoring for VSTi.
    2:57:46 – Media bay.
    2:58:42 – Wraping up.

    Thank you for the Hangouts once again Greg, keep up the wonderful work you do. Cheers ^^

  • Rattletree

    Hi Greg. Thanks for answering my Batch Export question at around 1:20:00. I am indeed having to do real time export because I am using some izotope plugins that don't play nice with non real-time export. I did not have the check box set to reimport the tracks back in to the project as I was just needing to save the stems to the desktop. That shouldn't be a problem, right? Sample rate was same as the project. In any case, what was happening is with all the groups selected and with "real time" selected, as soon as I started the export the window came up saying something like "13 tracks exporting 0 passes remaining". After a minute or so, it would keep restarting that window saying "12 tracks exporting 1 pass remaining" etc, etc. It would restart over and over until it was finally just trying to export a single group at once and it said 12 passes remaining. I figured fair enough and maybe for some reason it just needs to do one pass at a time for each group. The first group to export was the Kick. Once the kick finished I expected the next pass to be the next group (bass), but it was again Kick! Cubase literally made a second copy of the Kick group on my hard drive and named it Kick-1. I got to Kick-2 and finally canceled the export and all the tracks were deleted and I had to start over. I tried a couple times with the same result. Finally I had to just manually choose one group at a time to export in real time. I am wondering if when doing a batch export in "real time" if Cubase is maybe trying to export all the tracks in the amount of time that it would take to do a single pass of the song-therefore actually working harder than if it wasn't real time? I'm on 9.0.20

    Sorry for writing such a long novel, but I wanted to give a detailed explanation.

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