AMBIENT / CHILL in Ableton Live Stream + Tutorial

Another live in the studio session with producer S1gns Of L1fe from Synphaera Records!` — Watch live at

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Synphaera Records is an independent record label for electronic and ambient music. Founded by producers Don Tyler (Phase47) and Chris Bryant (S1gns Of L1fe) the duo behind the music of Ascendant, Synphaera Records has become home to such artists as Fourth Dimension, Solaris, Martin Nonstatic, S1gns Of L1fe, and many others.

Synphaera Records releases explore the outer universes of ambient, downtempo, deep techno and psybient music. Our releases are regularly featured on SomaFM, Liquid Lounge, Digitally Imported, and other online electronic music radio outlets. Our first release, Æthereal Code from Ascendant was praised by critics as “a true triumph” of the genre.
making music in Ableton Live

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