Advanced Ableton Templates Walk Through

In this video Ableton Live Certified Trainer and Director of Training and Development Will Doggett gives you a quick preview of the brand new Advanced Ableton Templates available from You’ll also see snippets of the tutorial videos created by Ableton Ninja and UK Brand Manager for Kristian Ponsford. You can purchases these templates at

Today we’re pleased to announce Advanced Ableton Templates, our very first template for Ableton Live. These templates for Session and Arrangement view were the combined efforts of Kristian Ponsford and Will Doggett and are the result of their years of experience with Ableton Live and Worship Leading. The purchase includes both templates for Arrangement View and Session view that will give you ultimate freedom and power.

If you’re new to Ableton Live or have been using it for years and you’re looking to maximize it’s power and minimize your time in creating sets-these templates are a perfect fit for you.

They’ll allow you to:
-Have ultimate flexibility and freedom in your set with minimal setup time
The ability to repeat song sections and jump around in the arrangement flexibly. Pre mapped MIDI clips allow you to have incredible flexibility in Session View without dealing with Follow Actions or any external plugins. And all with one button repeats.

-Dynamic Guide Cues (inspired by Playback)
Perhaps one of the most powerful features of Playback, these templates are pre-mapped and layed out so that you can have Dynamic Guide cues in Ableton Live too. Not as easy as Playback but a good attempt to mirror this feature in Ableton Live.

-Have Live automatically create your Locators in Arrangement View for you
One of the biggest let downs of Arrangement View is that you can’t copy locators between files. This means you spend 5 minutes creating locators for your entire set. If you use the template and the Add Locator clip, all you locators will automatically added for you. Pretty amazing to watch .

-Learn how to bring Markers and Tempo Information between Arrangement View files
Quite possibly one of the most powerful features of the Arrangement View template you can copy song sections via a Markers track and Tempo via a Tempo Track. This save you the time from re-creating these every time.

-Essential functions are pre-mapped to MIDI Clips
All the essential functions you need for running tracks with Ableton Live are pre-mapped to MIDI clips in Ableton Live. All you need to do is drag in the MIDI clip named for the feature you want to access and use it. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

-Stop and Wait for Next Song in Arrangement View (requires Bome’s MIDI Translator)
This will stop your current song and select your next song for you, so all you need to press is Go. No more selecting a song and pressing go in Arrangement View.
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