Ableton Tutorial: Where to Install & How to Change Skins + Best Skins

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Ableton Tutorial: Where to Install & How to Change Skins

This is where and how to install user made Ableton Live Skins (.ask) files. Also, a quick note on how to change them in program and.. if that wasn’t enough, some of my favorites!

Grab my favorite skins for free!

LT by Lance Thackery (designed Serum’s GUI)


LT&i by LLDlich


VS by Hypnox77.


50+ Skins by Sonic Bloom


How to Install Ableton Live Skins

– WIN: Place .ask files in C:ProgramDataAbletonLive 9 SuiteResourcesSkins.

– MAC: Right click on Ableton app icon – show package contents – app resources – skins

How to Change Ableton Live Skins in Program

In Live go to Options – Preferences – Look/Feel – Skins


How to Change the Ableton Live Skin

How to unhide Files in Windows 8.1

Open File Explorer.
Click View.
Click Show/Hide.
Select the Hidden items check box.
If you are looking for different Windows versions and pictures go here

Watch the Video

Joshua Casper Online:

EDM composition in Ableton Live

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