Ableton Tutorial – Tech Tip 11 – Rewiring Ableton Live into Cubase
In this tutorial we showcase the “Rewire” function and sync up Cubase 5 and Ableton Live

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  • christopher pobsky gilroy

    its the first time ive tried this and its worked fine so far !

    i have a few Cubase midi tracks playing instruments in Ableton but now want to save my progress! is there a way of saving the cubase/ Ableton rewire project together to load it together when i next work on it ? or do i have to save each project separately and re select the midi outputs again in cubase ? thanks for any help

  • James Cassidy

    hey quick question! I dont know if this has changed with newer versions or if this was true but I read a thread that said if using rewire with ableton and cubase that cubase will always insist on being the master! is that true? or like you said can either one be the master or the slave? Im thinking of getting cubase because of this but want to understand abit more! also one more question, I also heard that the programs your using rewire with have to be the same bit. so my ableton suite is 64 bit and on steinbergs website it looks like cubase is only 32bit! is there not a 64bit version of cubase? and is that true that rewire wont work if there different bits! any help would be appriciated!

  • Patrick Dieter

    This is awesome, but it seems to only use brief clips (which is the part of Ableton, FL Studios and some others that I don't like.) What I want to do is use Ableton in live performance mode with built in sounds, and have that show up as a track on Cubase in real time so I can lay vocals over the top. Just like an old school tape machine.

    That means that brief clips won't work, and I don't want to have to play the entire keyboard track into Ableton first, and then export it to Cubase, or slave it to Cubase. I want it to be just like a live keyboard track, using the awesome sounds from the Ableton patches.

    Any help? It sure sounds like you know what you're doing,.

  • Louis Marcell

    hi thank you for the video it was very Informative i have a Issue i don't no if its possible but can i use my Apc20 while in rewire if so could you do a video or explain how please much Appreciation ?

  • Jamie MacIntyre

    If anyone on windows 7 is still having problems; try right clicking on the Ableton 8 icon on your desktop, then click troubleshoot compatibility. It should come up saying something about the windows XP service pack two. Just click through that and put it on and your re-wire should work fine

  • AERI

    Ok, I have a question. I have Cubase 5 with Ableton 8 as rewire slave.
    If I'm in session view in Ableton and I want to record my session into the arrangement view, why does all of the audio get turned down?
    Is it because the audio is routed to Cubase?
    I can select all of the arrangment and turn it up but it really upsets my CPU. 551% according to Ableton, and I have a Quad Core Q6600.

  • ShelLuser

    I think this is a sloppy tutorial since it doesn't show anything about the requirements needed to actually setup ReWire. When both programs are just installed it will take more than merely starting one up after the other. You really should have covered that part as well.

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