Ableton & Mother-32 Sound Design #1

My first of hopefully many more videos going making some patches on the Moog Mother 32.
Let me know what you think, leave a thumbs up if you liked it!
YouTube Gear:
Music Equipment:

Multiply Plugin used in the video:

Painting of the Mother-32 was done by, contact her if you’d like some custom art done for cheap


This was really just an experiment for myself, as this is the first video I have made in this style, I am definitely going to refine these videos as I come up with more content, I loved working on this. Next time I plan to do something more melodic and less repetitive, maybe more lead sounds instead of bass.

*I apologize for all the um’s and unexplained bits/over-explained bits, it’s my first time doing this, I will be coming at these videos with a more concrete plan from now on to avoid that.*
EDM composition in Ableton Live

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