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Hey guys!

Welcome back hope everybody is cool and enjoying the Summer so far -here is my the live version of my latest single “Rust” thank you in advance for watching!

Arturia Minibrute SE mono synth
King Korg
Ableton Push 2
Akai LPD8
Akai LPK25

I hope this video gives you more of a insight of what’s going as it’s been shot in a way to try and show of what is going on -I am also going to upload a little talk through which I did after the shoot so hold tight for that -I talk too much so I need to edit it a little..!

So what’s happening?

The Ableton project is split into 7 scenes which all have different samples which I am triggering individually throughout the performance -my loop group for the vocal looping is Page Right on Push and each of those tracks are Record Enabled ready for Looping -however the monitoring is set to OFF not on AUTO for these audio channels in the loop group, otherwise I would hear the vocal channels 5 x in my headphones which would make it super loud (and painful!). This is also how I set my loop groups for live performances to avoid major feedback in a live venue -hope that makes sense!

The King Korg and the Mini Brute I’m playing live, but am also running them both through Ableton so, 1. I can loop them and process them and 2. I can record the live performance itself!

The Master Channel has only two effects this time: 1. The almighty Beat Repeat which I love and 2. The Autofilter -I have mapped both to the LPD8 so they are easy to access. I think I have mentioned before, I only like to use the Ableton effects in my live projects due to issues with latency and especially when I am performing live with 10 songs in one project you want to try and keep that CPU as low as possible.

The vocal channel -I have a reverb and two different delays mapped also to the LPD8 and I have also assigned a reverb to the loop group channel to add some atmospheric vibesss!

Massive thank you to Jamie Panton @jamietcpanton for shooting and editing this video and shout out to my A M A Z I N G manager Ben for supporting every stupid idea I have and helping me make things happen! Big LOVE to Ableton, Korg and Arturia for making beautiful pieces of hardware haha!

Thank you everybody! Fingers crossed I will get to come and play live for you all one day.

Lots of love

Mixing and production in Ableton Live

Ableton Live Push 2 Performance – Rust

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