Ableton Live Mixing Tips | Part 1 | Liam Shy

Continuing our Mixing Month theme, next up we bring you Liam Shy (Mountain of Youth) who teaches several of our Ableton courses here at Pyramind.

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In this two part video tutorial, Liam explains his approach to mixing and gives you some specific steps to take to prepare. Something he feels very strongly about is creating a brand new session when you are ready to mix, separate and distinct from the one that you use for producing and arranging. Watch the videos to find out why.

00:35 Convert everything to audio for absolute control over your mix
02:16 Differentiate the stages in your workflow between composing and mixing
04:47 Launch into the composing session
05:16 Challenges encountered while writing the track
06:19 Creating a place for the bass in your mix
08:38 Playback of pre-mixed track

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Sound Design and Production in Ableton Live

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