Ableton Live & APC40 MKII Live Performance – Ships

Hey everyone,

Here is a live performance of my latest release “Ships”
Official Video Here:

A little more info:

I am using a laptop which isn’t in shot to control the APC with Ableton Live 9 -this is controlling all the clip triggering, effects, vocal looping and vocal effects – (Ping pong delay/Reverb/Auto Filter/LFO/Glue Compressor).

Arturia Mini Brute SE for the Bass which is an amazing Monophonic synth.

King korg for the keys -this analog synth has loads of wicked presets and parameters for crafting your own sounds.

The Mic is a Shure SM7.

Filmed at Fuckoffee on Bermondsey Street, London Bridge!

Big thanks to Adrian at Fuckoffee, Jamie Panton for the edit and my manager Ben for filming me 🙂


Sound Design and Production in Ableton Live

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