8 MIDI Effect Tips & Tricks in Ableton (Instant Chords, Crazy Arp Patterns, Organic Drums + More!)

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The techniques:
STACKED ARPs (Creating Complex Arp Patterns) – 0:30
RANDOMIZED SAMPLE RACK (Organic Drum Fills & Loops) – 4:17
INSTANT CHORDS (Generates Chords in a Scale) – 6:30
NOTE LENGTH GATE (Shorten/Lengthen MIDI) – 8:05
RANDOMIZE VELOCITY (Great for Hi hats & Drums) – 9:22
TRANSPOSE MIDI (Play in any scale) – 11:02
RECORD MIDI INPUT (Transfer your MIDI Effects into Notes) – 11:59

Products Used:
Hip Hop Essentials Drum Kit – http://bit.ly/2rTaEdZ
Future Beats Massive Kit – http://bit.ly/2rbON1j

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EDM composition in Ableton Live

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