5 Advanced Ableton Sampler Features! I’m in Love… (FM & AM, Multi Samples, Infinite Sustain etc.)

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I think I’m in love 😍… I mean, people really f*cking sleep on Ableton 😩. Here are my top 5 Sound Design features in Ableton’s flagship device, the Sampler.

1. Multi Sample Chains by velocity and key – You can add unlimited layers of samples and/or split the samples across the whole keyboard or across 127 different velocity values.

2. Looping & Sustain Modes – Turn your sample(s) into an oscillator by looping them. Ableton has a ton of loop functions including crossfading.
In depth tutorial on Sampler’s Sustain – https://youtu.be/HJEaH618SoM

3. Feature-packed Filter!

4. FM & AM Oscillator (ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE) – I don’t even know what to say. The capabilities with this are literally endless. Create the nastiest basses and craziest design.

5. LOADED Modulation Tab – 1 Envelope and 3 Lfos. More than enough 🙂

Intro/Outro Song: Montell2099 – Flute Her

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