best laptops for music production. If you use Logic – MacBook’s touchbar would serve as remote control for many of the Logic Pro functions – you can scroll through the arrangement, control channel strip etc. But if you use other software – Bitwig, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason… you may find this little free software as a gamechanger. It is called MIDI Touchbar – essentially it is MIDI controller for all your DAWs or you can even use it with standalone Native Instruments Reaktor or Maschine. Just setup IAC driver in Audio/MIDI Settings in MacOS and you’re good to go – you’ll see a little MIDI icon on the laptop’s touch bar and you can play notes or move the faders. Of course for your music production software you can setup iPad or iPhone and coupled with MIDI apps or super-powerful Lemur app you can control anything. But sometimes it is nice to work on just a laptop without anything connected. ]]>

MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Logic Pro X for touch-enabled music production

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