20 Workflow Tips for Production with Ableton Live 9: UNIVERSAL

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In this video, I go through 20 less obvious workflow tricks and resampling techniques all designed to make tracks happen faster.

Table of Contents (but I obviously recommend you watch the whole thing):

1. Use unlinked clip envelopes for sound design 0:20
2. Place 3 identical LFOs in one rack for a quick mod source; slightly offset them 1:42
3. chop before duplicating 2:33
4. deactivate all resampled channels; bring in clips to write sequences 3:50
5. default audio track on ‘resampling’ 5:10
6. instrument racks + chain selector for morphing synths 5:40
7. sidechain as external input for envelope follower 6:57
8. OS level macros for repetitive keyboard presses 9:35
9. playback scrubber with a muted clip to find cool parts of a clip 10:52
10. warping with the BPM slider 13:13
11. perfect high/low split (using phase cancelation) 14:16
12. empty midi track for project organization 16:42
13. audio buffer rate and CPU resources (and you!) 17:37
14. cleaning up session clips to free resources 18:16
15. using folders named ‘——–‘ as dividers 18:43
16. audio follow is cool 19:06
17. recording against a loop forever 19:41
18. using a muted chopping block track that you can solo to find parts 20:53
19. duplicating effects in a row 22:18
20. slice to midi + randomizer + short midi clips + skrillex (or whatever) 23:23

I hope it helps you with your productions!

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