05 B – Installing VST instuments (in Cubase)

This video will go over how to install and use a VST instrument within Cubase. This covers specifically VST’s you may find out and about freely, and will generally come as a ‘*.dll’ file.

When in Cubase, click on ‘Devices’ at the top, and click ‘Plugin information.’ If you have to, click on ‘VST PlugIns’ tab at the top, and then click on ‘VST 2.x Plug-In paths.’ All your VST paths are now in visible. You need to put your VST files into the folders specified here. You can also setup a new VST folder here if you desire.

If you’re installing a large program such as Nexus that is filled with VST patches / instruments, you either need to tell the program where Cubase’s VST folder is, or let the program put its VST’s in its own folder, and then let Cubase know where to find the VST’s by clicking on ‘Add’ in the ‘Plug-in Paths.’ If you’re not sure, ask in the comments.

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