04 B – Editing the Tempo (in Cubase)

This video goes over how to edit the tempo in the sequencer Cubase (5).

Tempo is basically how fast a piece of music is moving forwards at a certain point in time. Music can slow down and speed up, and is usually marked by a single crotchet somewhere on a piece of sheet music.

This video shows how to speed up and slow down MIDI, and emulate speeding up and slowing down audio (in order to keep the measures, etc, in-time). This video doesn’t cover speeding up or slowing down audio track(s) itself.

Tempo is usually identified as ‘BPM,’ which is shorthand for ‘Beats Per Minute.’ In the days before a metronome was introduced, the only way musicians could calculate time was via a watch on their hands. However 60BPM was a bit too slow for most musical pieces, so it was generally doubled to 120BPM, and that’s how that standard came about.

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