03 B – Changing Time Signatures (in Cubase)

This video will go through how to change time signatures at certain points within your music.The software used in this video is Cubase (5).

Time signatures identifies how many beats can fit into a single ‘measure’ (or ‘bar’) in music. There’s two numbers in a time signature, which is the top and bottom numbers. The top number identifies how many of the selected (by the bottom number) note fits into a single measure; the bottom number identifies that type of note.

This video shows you three ways you can update and change time signatures in Cubase. The main one would be to simply put the marker at the measure you wish to change the time signature at, and then type in the necessary numbers where the playback panel is (at the bottom usually). I also showcase the time signature ‘track’ in this video as well, as well as updating it via the ‘tempo track’ page (which is what the CTRL + T thing is).

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